"David is a very skilled massage therapist. I am grateful for the level of energy and skill he provides though his work. I have seen him twice so far and plan to schedule future massages with him. The first time I came in I had chronic and severe elbow tendonitis. After a one-hour session with him it was a bit tender for 1-2 days and then I was symptom-free! And it has not reoccurred.

David is an authentic healer. I am so thankful."

Sarah A.

Boulder, CO

"I appreciated how Dave was very attentive to my individual needs. He addressed my issues through various techniques, opening and releasing areas of tension through muscles I was not even aware of. My pain was connected to muscle groups that were deeply rooted in stagnant emotional, mental, and physical blockages. After a well-balanced massage I was able to participate in physical activities while regaining my ability to focus, move, and breathe. I will be coming back again to heal and restore my body."


Sean E.
Boulder, CO

I Love Dave's Bodywork! He is focused massage therapist, knowledeable and blends a connective, soothing, style with the depth to release the stubborn tensions in the body. Set up an appointment today, you'll be happy you did. 

                                                                                                             Dan O.

                                                                                                    Boulder, CO

David Smith 
Elysian Clinical Massage & Bodywork 
4155 Darley Ave.,
Boulder, CO 80305
(720) 855-5012
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