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Myo-fascial Release


Trauma/Emotional Release

Compassionate Approach to Massage Therapy

Each massage begins by addressing the individual needs of the client and their well-being. I strongly feel that ailments of the body are never entirely physical but rooted in emotional blockages. During the massage we will comfortably and confidently address your blockages, pain, and stiffness.


In my Boulder Colorado Office, I frequently use trigger point therapy (medical massage) while putting the muscle of the client in a passive positional release (contracted position). This both desensitizes the muscle as well as softens it to allow me to work deeper. During each massage I notice where there is a lack of mobility that is forcing the client to move in a way that is less efficient. While discerning the immediate cause I am paying close attention to the clients nervous system (sympathetic and parasympathetic responses) because stress and cortisol levels can have a big impact on stiff muscles. I use three-dimensionality (working from both sides of the body at the same time) to allow the client to feel held during the experience. If there is numbness or pain I look for nerve impediments at key areas of the body thereby unlocking more movement and sensation.