Where is your office located?

The Elysian massage office is located at 4155 Darley Ave. in Boulder, CO 80305. After turning off of Broadway street into the office park on Darley Avenue, the buildings Darley Suites will be immediately to your right and office is in the NW corner of the parking area. If you're early to your massage, feel free to have a seat in the waiting area and make yourself a cup of tea.

What kind of massage am I going to get at Elysian?

David is a Certified Massage Therapist who specializes in Clinical Massage and Bodywork. The main objectives of David's massage work are: -To find and expand space and mobility in the body. -To discover and heal past injuries that have been imparing proper movement. -To lengthen muscles and tendons to allow more natural and more efficient movements. This style of massage will quickly get you in touch with your body, and provide you with a physical experience that will allow you to better understand what attention your body needs to become more efficient, resilient, and adaptable.

How should I prepare for my massage?

Your massage will be a focused exploration of your body's needs. To make the most of your time on the table, please do what you need to do to allow yourself to be fully present and open to the experience. You know best what this means for you, but please consider: -Arranging your day so that you can arrive on time without any added stress. -Arriving to your appointment well fed, clean, and wearing comfortable clothing. -Taking a mental inventory of your body's needs in the days or weeks leading up to your massage. Be ready to share this information with David in your pre-massage consultation. This information will help him help you.

I've already purchased a massage, where can I find available appointments and book my session?

Please navigate to the Scheduling tab above and follow the instructions to book your appointment. Regardless of how you've paid or will pay for your appointment, all appointments need to be made through the scheduler on elysiancmb.com or on the Elysian CMB MindBody website.

Frequently Asked Questions