I love starting the day with my own energy practice. It starts with self care and ripples out from there. Yoga meditation has been a part of achieving flow state in my life for many years. I am a naturally gifted intuitive who can access healing on all levels of the heart, mind, body, soul and energetic fields.


I am very sensitive to energy in all forms and started receiving information about nature and my surroundings at a young age. My life and healing journey has led me to become a sensitive channel of Divine energy, love and healing.  My experience and practices are well rounded include many areas of self development, spirituality, diet, and the human body. The shift to working with clients started a few years ago after sustaining a hand injury and learning Reiki to expedite the healing process.

My healing practice is a combination of Reiki, Kinesiology, and medical mediumship where I can pinpoint energetic or emotional blocks, unhealthy habits, beliefs and dietary issues. Each session is unique.  Whether you have a specific need or question or have unknown causes of dis-ease, I can receive the needed information directly.  I thrive on co-creating health, growing connections, creative play and conscious intention to align with my sense of life.

-Christopher Packert

My interest in massage stemmed from my passion for health, wellness and spiritual growth. I began a serious meditation practice when I was fifteen, attending multiple in person retreats and meditating for hours each day. My sitting practice led to occasional tension and pain in my back, so when it came time to complete my formal education, I decided to give massage school a try. I had no idea how significant this decision would be.

Bodywork has allowed me to achieve a sense of safety and attunement with my body and mind. It is easier to regulate my nervous system and feel a sense of connection to the world around me. Massage practice has created a deeper sense of self love and humanitarian acceptance. I still practice meditation for an hour each day and receiving regular massage allows me to enjoy my sitting practice pain free.


I offer sessions that realign structure, expand mobility and promote body awareness. Through an intuitive blend of deep tissue, myofascial release, sports/orthopedic and relaxation massage, I guide my clients toward balance and increased life force. Together, we will cultivate a new sense of play and curiosity toward your goals, set by the pace of your central nervous system. My intention is to offer a support system that fosters a sense of resilience and self regulation, aiming for lasting change that impacts my clients long after they leave my table.

-David Smith