David Smith 
Elysian Clinical Massage & Bodywork 
4155 Darley Ave.,
Boulder, CO 80305
(720) 855-5012
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I offer sessions that realign structure, expand mobility, and promote body awareness. Through an intuitive blend of deep tissue, myofacial release, sports/orthopedic and relaxation massage, I will guide you toward balance and breathing life into your body. We will cultivate a new sense of play and curiosity toward your goals set by the pace of your central nervous system.


Bodywork has allowed me to have a sense of safety and attunement with my body and mind. It is easier to regulate my nervous system and feel a sense of connection to the world around me. Massage practice has created a deeper sense of self love and humanitarian acceptance. My intention is to offer a support system that fosters a sense of resilience and self regulation, aiming for lasting change that impacts my clients long after they leave my table.

David Smith LMT


My intention is to share deep presence with you, the client, as the intention for healing extends beyond myself and into your life. My bodywork sessions will unravel the layers of conditioning that restrict your movement and freedom in your body. As a personal ideal, I strive to cultivate a “best ever” policy within my practice, meaning that every massage I give I will do my “best ever.”


It is important that you always know that you’re getting what you desire and ask for in terms of the work and I will always strive to achieve that. I am experienced at providing deep tissue, myofacisial release reflexology, shiatsu, reiki and trigger point therapy. Using client/therapist goal setting and intuitively guided practice, you can arrive and emerge into a state vibrant health.


Colin Crawford, LMT